Pilates and Golf


photo by Tim Schoon

Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to offer a specialty class: 5 Pilates Exercises for Golfers. Start your Pilates practice by learning five Pilates exercises specifically targeted for the golfer. Thursday, May 5th, 6:45-7:45 pm. Cost: $15. Space is limited. To register go to the Class Schedule tab on the website and click on Enrollments tab.  Or contact teacher Debbie Jump directly by using the Contact Us form on our website or call her at (319) 654-6444.

Pilates teacher Debbie Jump shares what she discovered about how Pilates can benefit golfers

I’ll admit: I don’t know a lot about golf. To me, Tee is something you drink and an Eagle is a bird. But, when an avid golfer told me that he heard Pilates was good for golfers, I decided to investigate.

Pilates exercises and golf shots are based on movement from the center of the body. Practicing Pilates helps strengthen the abdominals and shape back muscles evenly. It elongates and aligns the spine and improves overall stability, flexibility, balance and strength. A symmetrical body strengthened from the inside out is as beneficial for you as it is for your golf game.

There are specific performance benefits for the golfer who practices Pilates:

Pilates exercises like “1 leg circle” and “spine twist” improve the range of motion of the hip joints and spine. This can lead to stronger and bigger hip turn which means more explosive and distant shots.

Pilates “arm circles” and “breast stroke” increase the range of motion of the shoulders. This is helpful in attaining optimal back swing and follow through.

Aim for a smoother and more powerful swing by evenly conditioning the back muscles. Ask any regular Pilates student what practicing Pilates “swimming” has done for them.

Approach the Pilates “ab series” with the intention of strengthening the abdominals in order to a hold a position long enough to play through a shot.

Practicing Pilates (or any other body mind exercise for that matter) decreases fatigue, improves concentration and benefits overall health and well being. So, what’s the hook? Try Pilates to improve your golf game or the whole you!

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