A Client’s Point of View – Jo Ann McNiel

IMG_2563 (2)Meamorphosis Pilates Center is so grateful for our wonderful clients.  We have been blessed to work with many of our clients for several years as we started our business partnership at Pilates Center Cedar Rapids 8 years ago.   Sharing her thoughts on Pilates,  Jo Ann McNiel is one of these seasoned clients. 

Jo Ann’s kind testimonial: 

I’ve been a fan of reformer Pilates now for 8 years.  If I had to give up any fitness regimens, Pilates would be the last.  I intend to do Pilates as long as I am able.  If I have any doubts, I just remember my sweet Mother’s inability to hold herself upright in her last few years, and I am reminded and determined to keep my core strong, because core strength is critical to all strength. Donna is very knowledgeable of how the body works, how everything is connected head to toe.  Her guidance is clear and gentle.   Her Spirit is nourishing, and she is inspiring.  I cannot recommmend anything else as strongly as I recommend Metamorphosis – not just Donna, but all the instructors and all of the classes. I also particpate in Nia from Deb Jump – invigorating! – and Nourishing Noon Yoga from Carmen Kelley – calming.  Whole mind-body-spirit strengthening is available at Metamorphosis!


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