A Client’s Point of View – Janice Donelson

IMG_1361Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Janice Donelson in “A Client’s Point of View”.  Janice enjoys Reformer classes at Metamorphosis Pilates Center and is a recent graduate of her first aerial class.  

Janice shares her thoughts:

I started Pilates 14(!) years ago with a DVD. After a while I was curious about whether I was doing the exercises correctly. The solution, of course, was to take a class. I found Debbie and have been with her ever since! My body has become stronger, and I’m more flexible than I was before. My posture is better and, to my surprise, I feel better about my self! Pilates can be as hard as you want it to be, and I would recommend Metamorphosis Pilates to everyone.

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