Instructor Spotlight – Debbie Jump

IMG_0525Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Debbie Jump in our Instructor Spotlight. Debbie teaches Pilates Mat Classes, Reformer Classes and Nia™.  She also teaches private sessions on the Pilates equipment and is a certified wellness coach. To register for her classes go to the Class Schedule tab on the website.  To schedule a private session contact Debbie directly by using the Contact Us form on our website or call her at (319) 654-6444.

Debbie shares her inspiration of the joy of movement:

I developed the desire to share the joy of movement over thirty years ago when I became an aerobics dance instructor at the YWCA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Moving to music made me feel good and healthy. I was determined to inspire others to experience the same benefits. I continued to teach aerobics and step classes at the Mercy Fitness Center.

Yoga came to Cedar Rapids and I became intrigued by the idea of “body mind” exercise. I planned to get certified to teach yoga but one day in 1999, I saw a poster advertising STOTT Pilates training with Rise Karns Stokstad. My ship set sail and I’ve been teaching Pilates ever since.

I practice Pilates and Yoga to this day but in 2006 I was struck by a desire to move my body through space and dance again. I took my first Nia™ class in Fairfield, Iowa with Rolf Erickson. I found it magical and exactly what I was looking for. I simply love Nia™. It is both a fitness practice and life style for me.

Every experience we have impacts the body energetically and affects the body’s design and alignment. Through the gifts of sensation and awareness we can make choices that lead to the experience of the joy of being in a body. As a teacher and wellness coach, I use the tools of Pilates and Nia™ to guide my students to connect with sensation and increase their awareness of the body mind connection . With dedication and practice, this awareness leads to better alignment for dynamic ease and improved flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability in not only the physical body but in the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves, too. IMG_1644

Anyone who knows me will tell you, my passion is teaching, but I am happy and grateful to have recently celebrated my twentieth year working at a local printing company.  I am blessed to have many gifted and brave friends, partners, teachers and students who inspire me every day to keep moving despite my busy schedule. When I am not working or teaching, I enjoy nothing more than being nourished by nature, anything creative and spending time with my dear family, friends and pets! My future goals involve traveling, learning, creating, growing and sharing.


March Madness Challenge

Up your game in March.  IMG_0081Metamorphosis Pilates Center will be running a March Madness Challenge.  The contest will run the entire month of March. There will be two winners.  The first winner will be the person who attends the most group classes in Studio B in the month of March.  The second winner will be selected by random drawing. Your name will be dropped in the “bucket” every time you come to a class in Studio B (mat Pilates, Yoga, Aerial or Nia). This allows everyone to have a chance to win – the more you participate the better your odds at scoring the prize.  The prize is the winner’s choice: a 3 class pass that can be used for mat Pilates, Yoga and Nia or a 2 class pass that can be used for Aerial classes.  Are you ready for the challenge? 

Instructor Spotlight – Maria Dummermuth

FullSizeRender (2)Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Maria Dummermuth in our Instructor Spotlight. Maria teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Aerial Yoga group classes.  She also teaches private sessions on the Pilates equipment as well as private sessions in Yoga and Aerial Yoga.    To register for her classes go to the Class Schedule tab on the website.  To schedule a private session contact Maria directly by using the Contact Us form on our website or call Maria at (319) 270-4397.  

Maria has a beautiful outlook, as she shares her love of what she does below:

Movement has always been my medicine.  My journey is one of an athlete, to group fitness instructor, to Pilates and Yoga instructor, and now Tibetan Singing bowl sound therapy.  I have been so blessed with the opportunity to do what I love for a career.  Teaching classes is one of my favorite things to do,  but I also enjoy personal one-on-one or small group training sessions in any of the services we  have offered at Metamorphosis Pilates.  I also offer Tibetan Singing bowl sound therapy and hope to offer some sound healing workshops this spring – stay tuned!

IMG_3785The path of mind body connection is so much more than simply movement.  It is a study of self exploration, growth, and inner work. I am so excited to share this journey with clients.

Outside of work, well you will find me outside! I love the outdoors. If it would snow more – I would be in heaven, as my dog Fletch and I love to snowshoe! However; when not snowshoeing, you will find my husband, 2 children, and I skiing, snowmobiling, 4-wheeling – basically tearing it up – outside!

Pilates – More than physical exercise


I initially started practicing Pilates to help me overcome some low back pain. After doing Pilates for awhile, I discovered some unexpected benefits. Pilates changed me. Yes, I suppose there were some physical changes, but my spiritual and mental clarity was where the real change occurred.   Through my personal practice, focusing on how things felt, and learning to trust, light bulbs started turning on for me.  As I began to appreciate success in the studio, I learned to appreciate success and movement forward in other aspects of my life. I came to understand this was not just about movement, but about how we live.   I recently found a great article that expresses the great unexpected benefits of Pilates and wish to share it with you.  Enjoy!  
12 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Pilates for your Peace of Mind.  Hope to see you at Metamorphosis Pilates Center, the catalyst to being you!

Updated Class Schedule

IMG_1644Our Latest Class Additions and Changes

Metamorphosis is evolving.  We have added an Essential Mat class to our evening schedule.  Our evening Aerial class is now at 5:30 pm. We have added four Reformer classes to the online schedule.  Click on CLASS SCHEDULE on our website, or use the MindBody app on your smart phone to register for any of these great classes.  It is especially important to sign up for the reformer and aerial classes, as class size is limited.   Come and enjoy movement and realize the potential that lies within.  
Below is a list of our recent additions and changes.  View our full schedule under the CLASS SCHEDULE tab on our website. 

Monday 6:00 am Reformer class (starts February 8)
Monday 5:30 pm Reformer Class
Wednesday 5:30 pm Reformer Class
Wednesday 5:30 pm Essential Mat Class (Starts February 3)
Thursday 5:30 pm Reformer Class
Thursday 5:30 pm Aerial Yoga

New Classes, New Instructors

Metamorphosis Pilates Center is so excited to announce new class offerings with two new instructors, Amber Dawn and Ann Menner.  

bio picAmber has joined our team and will be teaching Aerial Yoga on Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm.   Amber has 4 years of experience teaching yoga.  She is a licensed massage therapist.    Enjoy a new way to workout in this fun and challenging class.  

IMG_3926Ann is a STOTT Pilates instructor.   For all you early birds, Ann will be teaching a 6:00 am reformer class on Monday starting February 8th.   For those of you looking for an evening class, Ann will begin teaching a Pilates mat class at 5:30 pm on Wednesday starting February 3rd.  Ann is also available to teach private and semi-private sessions late afternoon and evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   To contact Ann for a private or semi-private appointment use the Contact Us tab on the website.

Click here to see a full listing of our Class Schedule.