Welcome Angie McCormick

Picture of Angi McCormickI am excited to welcome Angie McCormick as our newest instructor at Metamorphosis Pilates Center.  Angie has a wonderful attitude and amazing story to share.  Angie will be teaching Private and Semi-Private sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 – 3:00.  Feel free to contact Angie to set up your personal appointment.  You can send her an email via our  Contact Us page of call Angie at (319) 721-1438.  Please join me in welcoming Angie to our studio.

In her own words Angie describes her journey:

I have been a Physical Therapist for 12 years. I received my undergraduate degree a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Stetson University in DeLand, FL and my Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa. I have practiced in the outpatient, inpatient and skilled Physical Therapy settings treating every population from athletes to the elderly.

I enjoy spending time outdoors gardening, running, biking and swimming as well as spending time with my 3 beautiful kids and my husband.

Being an athlete myself I enjoy working with athletes to help them achieve their goals and reach their highest potential whether that is by rehabilitating injuries or using Pilates to get them stronger and more flexible. But because of my personal history of illness I also find it just as rewarding to work with people who are just looking to function better in their daily activities whether that be sitting at a desk pain free or the busy mom carrying kids and laundry. Through my experience I have learned that no matter what the injury or lifestyle, establishing the core strength and spinal mobility that Pilates embraces is a must to any rehabilitation program. I love seeing people reach new physical levels they did not think were possible through the principles of Pilates, Physical Therapy and Nutrition. That is why I am so passionate about combining these professions.

A Quick Tour of Our New Temporary Location

The Metamorphosis Pilates Center has moved to our temporary location at 1560 Boyson Road, Suite D, Hiawatha, Iowa.

IMG_1266IMG_1258 File Apr 17, 9 16 46 AM (1)IMG_1267

We are so grateful to have landed such a lovely temporary spot.  The equipment is all set up and ready for your private or semi-private session.

The building can be tricky to spot as it does not face Boyson Road, so here are some simple directions to help you find us easily:

  1. Take the Boyson Road Exit off of I-380.
  2. Go west past the Toyota dealer approximately 3 blocks.
  3. Take a right on Martha’s Way, and then an immediate right into the parking lot.
  4. We are in the building marked 1560, (next to Farmer’s Insurance).
  5. When you enter the building, go straight back to enter our suite.

Oh my aching back, will Pilates help?

back pain photo

I started Pilates back in 2000 based on a recommendation from my chiropractor.  I was visiting him on a weekly basis and wanted to decrease the number of times I needed to see him. So I asked, “How can I stop coming here so often?”  He responded, “Improve your flexibility and strengthen your core.”

I enjoy running and at that time in my life, running was my primary form of exercise.  I was running marathons and putting in a good amount of miles.   Running  provided me stress relief and sanity, giving it up was not an option.   I was also doing some weight lifting, but if I had to pick between running and lifting, running won.

So on my chiropractor’s advice I started researching different disciplines.  I began taking a Pilates mat class once or twice a week.  Without thinking about it my visits to the chiropractor ceased.

I believe Pilates absolutely helped me with overcoming back pain.  The process was more than doing the exercises. Pilates taught me to be more aware.  It brought mindful attention to my breath, and I started to  have a more integrated approach in my movement.  I was actually getting in touch with how my body felt and how it responded to different stresses.

Now in my fifties, I won’t say that I never have any aches or pains, but I believe my Pilates practice has kept them to a minimum, and my chiropractic visits at bay.  Pilates made a difference, and that is why I started teaching it to others.

Photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪