A Client’s Point of View – Janice Donelson

IMG_1361Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Janice Donelson in “A Client’s Point of View”.  Janice enjoys Reformer classes at Metamorphosis Pilates Center and is a recent graduate of her first aerial class.  

Janice shares her thoughts:

I started Pilates 14(!) years ago with a DVD. After a while I was curious about whether I was doing the exercises correctly. The solution, of course, was to take a class. I found Debbie and have been with her ever since! My body has become stronger, and I’m more flexible than I was before. My posture is better and, to my surprise, I feel better about my self! Pilates can be as hard as you want it to be, and I would recommend Metamorphosis Pilates to everyone.

A Client Point of View – Tom Donelson


Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Tom Donelson in “A Client’s Point of View”. Tom enjoys Reformer classes and Nia at Metamorphosis Pilates Center.  He has been a long time client of Deb Jump’s and we are  so happy to have him and his wife Janice at our Center. 

Tom’s point of view:

I have been athlete most of my life including track and cross country in high school and college along with running for two track clubs post college, martial arts and in my fifties, participated in a dozen triathlons.  I still stay in shape by cycling and swimming plus Pilates adds strength and endurance training.  The techniques learned in Pilates aid in my strength training and I would recommend this to any male looking to add strength, flexibility and endurance to their training regimen while having a good time.  The instruction Deb Jump provides is excellent and a good time is had by all.

A Client’s Point of View – Emily Meyer

emilyMetamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to feature Emily Meyer in “A Client’s Point of View”.  Emily enjoys Reformer and Mat classes at Metamorphosis Pilates Center. 

Emily shares her thoughts:

I’ve found it easy to keep motivated since I started at Metamorphosis. They have a great variety of classes and I’ve learned a lot from each instructor. They have also helped as I recover from an injury, offering modifications so I can rebuild my strength. I’d recommend Metamorphosis to anyone interested in Pilates, whether you’re trying it for the first time or more advanced and wanting to learn more.

A Client’s Point of View – Jo Ann McNiel

IMG_2563 (2)Meamorphosis Pilates Center is so grateful for our wonderful clients.  We have been blessed to work with many of our clients for several years as we started our business partnership at Pilates Center Cedar Rapids 8 years ago.   Sharing her thoughts on Pilates,  Jo Ann McNiel is one of these seasoned clients. 

Jo Ann’s kind testimonial: 

I’ve been a fan of reformer Pilates now for 8 years.  If I had to give up any fitness regimens, Pilates would be the last.  I intend to do Pilates as long as I am able.  If I have any doubts, I just remember my sweet Mother’s inability to hold herself upright in her last few years, and I am reminded and determined to keep my core strong, because core strength is critical to all strength. Donna is very knowledgeable of how the body works, how everything is connected head to toe.  Her guidance is clear and gentle.   Her Spirit is nourishing, and she is inspiring.  I cannot recommmend anything else as strongly as I recommend Metamorphosis – not just Donna, but all the instructors and all of the classes. I also particpate in Nia from Deb Jump – invigorating! – and Nourishing Noon Yoga from Carmen Kelley – calming.  Whole mind-body-spirit strengthening is available at Metamorphosis!


Bring a Friend for Free to Studio B

IMG_0075Metamorphosis Pilates Center is pleased to offer  “Bring a Friend for Free to Studio B”.  From April 10th through the 23rd bring one friend to any class you attend in Studio B and they won’t pay.  Go to our Class Schedule tab or use the MindBody app to register and ensure your spots in class (especially for Aerial classes). When signing up, your friend should register  as unpaid.  This offer applies to classes that are performed in Studio B only.  Reformer classes, private and semi-private sessions are not included in this promotion.

March Madness Challenge

Up your game in March.  IMG_0081Metamorphosis Pilates Center will be running a March Madness Challenge.  The contest will run the entire month of March. There will be two winners.  The first winner will be the person who attends the most group classes in Studio B in the month of March.  The second winner will be selected by random drawing. Your name will be dropped in the “bucket” every time you come to a class in Studio B (mat Pilates, Yoga, Aerial or Nia). This allows everyone to have a chance to win – the more you participate the better your odds at scoring the prize.  The prize is the winner’s choice: a 3 class pass that can be used for mat Pilates, Yoga and Nia or a 2 class pass that can be used for Aerial classes.  Are you ready for the challenge?