Make friends, get support: Join a reformer quad!

A reformer quad enrollment is  6 week session where reformer exercises are practiced in a flow sequence for a whole body workout. It’s a great complement to your existing individual or group Pilates practice. These small groups build relationships based on common goals of improving fitness and health.

A reformer quad workout is suitable for a range of people. Modifications for individual needs are more easily met than in a large group class. Class intensity is dependent on the level of the group. Consultation with the instructor is recommended to determine which reformer enrollment is ideal for you.

The Pilates reformer is a highly versatile piece of equipment. It facilitates hundreds of exercises that allow for three dimensional movement in all planes. Exercises are performed supine, prone, standing and kneeling. Working out on a reformer can improve your balance, flexibility, mobility and strength.

The reformer is an apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a platform (the carriage) that moves along rails, a set of ropes on pulleys, a foot bar and a set of springs of varying resistance. Spring resistance makes a reformer workout unique. Springs provide gradual resistance as your muscles contract. Less stress on the tendons and ligaments around a joint provide you with a low impact workout. As one student puts it: “Because I am supported and getting feedback from the machine, I accomplish more on the reformer than I can on the floor.”