Metamorphosis Pilates Center is Closed!

Closed August 29, 2020

We Enjoyed Serving You!

It Hurts to say Good Bye

But it is time for us to FLY!

Permanently Closed August 29, 2020


We invite you to discover why so many people are being drawn to Metamorphosis Pilates Center in the Kingston Village area of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


The caterpillar's DNA does not change when it changes into a butterfly. The butterfly is a stage of growth in the caterpillar's life.


We hope Metamorphosis Pilates Center is a place where you expand your strength, flexibility and overall vitality. A place where your experience allows you to listen to, understand and become great friends with your body, mind and spirit--the catalyst to discover the whole you, the true you. As with the caterpillar, our wish for you is to discover the beautiful butterfly within!

Client Testimonials

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Carole T.

Before I started Pilates, I had suffered for more than a year from lower back pain. Since doing Pilates, I have not had that pain. The instructor is aware of my former back issues and is always very good at checking in to make sure my back is o.k. and helps me modify certain exercises to make sure I don’t injure my back again.

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Sally S.

I have been training with Donna for 3 years, and have really seen a difference in less knee pain, better posture, and a much stronger core. Donna knows how to build up muscles surrounding joints so your muscles - instead of the joints - do the work. I feel very grateful to have found this place!

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Carol T.

The one-hour Pilates class is often the only time during a week when I slow down, breathe, and stretch. Yet just that one hour really makes a difference in how I feel, physically and mentally.

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Carole T.

I enjoy and value the small class size and how the instructor makes sure each person in class is doing exercises properly and safely.

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Pilates with Deb is therapy for the mind and body. I always feel better after taking a class…

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John F.

I’ve been taking Pilates classes for the past 8 years and I still find classes challenging and fun. I’m now 62 years old and can still do everything I did when I was in my 20s. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to improve their core strength and flexibility.

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Sandy T.

I began Pilates with Donna in 2007 to increase my flexibility and strength. I have stayed as I have gain so much more than my goal; I have recovered so much strength and flexibility while alleviating pain in areas that have been plagued by injury. Donna has helped me develop an awareness of body and movement that I have carried through to my other workouts and my summer bicycling.

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Jo Ann M.

Pilates with Donna is a cornerstone of my fitness and strengthening. If I had to give up any of my fitness regimens, Pilates would be the last to go; I intend to do it “forever.” Without core strength, the rest doesn’t matter much. Donna brings a gentle spiritual component to the practice, which adds greatly to my physical and emotional health.

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Ann H.

I have taken classes at the Pilates Center for more than three years.


Beyond extensive knowledge of Pilates, the instructors are engaged, upbeat and encouraging. They are sensitive to each student’s abilities and needs and maintain just the right balance of pushing their students to do more without them getting frustrated.

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Wahneta D.

When recovering from a severe shoulder injury, Pilates with Donna really helped me target my recovery. I am stronger and more balanced because of the work and am now returning to my running lifestyle!

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Shawn S.

I have taken both Pilates and Nia classes for several years. Nia was a mind, body and spirit experience for me. Pilates has strengthened my core and reshaped my body.


January of 2014 I had to have major back surgery and subsequently, was not able to do Pilates for months. It is amazing how quickly my body lost muscle tone and core strength. I am back to Pilates now and am hoping to regain my pre-surgery tone and strength.


Both Nia and Pilates are lower impact on your joints. But don’t let that fool you. The very first time I tried both of these, I was using muscles I didn’t even know where there! Pilates is something I look forward to every single week!

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Debra C.

Each week I look forward to my Pilates work out. I love that I can work so many body parts simultaneously. I tried other work outs and wound up at the chiropractor. With Pilates I have a better body awareness and have learned how to work out without injuring myself.

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Vicki D.

Pilates has been an important part of my weekly workout routine for over 7 years. The certified instructors do a great job of customizing a workout to meet my fitness goals. And I love the results....a strong core and overall muscle toning!!

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